Brown Ouija Board Hat with Smokey Quartz

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This hat is classically shaped with and is inspired by Ouija and spirit boards. It is handmade by a fellow lover of all forms of divination in the mountains of Colorado.

Rustic looking, suede fabric gives this hat a masculine appeal but can easily be rocked be a lady. This hat can easily be worn straight up or be scrunched down depending on the look you are going for, whether it is a wise wizard or a classic witch.

The suede fabric and light cotton liner keep the hat comfortable to wear for long periods of time out strolling among the trees and wildlife in the forests. Be prepared for the wonderful compliments you will receive at your next moonlight get-togethers in the forest, attending a Victorian seance, a cemetery stroll, or a nice visit to an occult bookstore.

There is a spirit board design screen printed on the underside of the brim. It is an original design by me.

The planchette is laser cut leather. 

The classic planchette adorns the crown of the hat with a smokey quartz is set inside. Smokey quartz is well known for its protective qualities as well as its ability to bring clarity which is always so important for spirit work.

One size fits most. I recommend checking out our "Hatband" section.

I can add a sizing band to the hat (for an additional fee) for those with a smaller cranium or for the little wizard or witch. Please consider a custom order for those with a larger cranium to accommodate all of those brains.

This is a hat for the discernible witch or wizard, of any age.

The brim is wired so it will hold it's shape, whatever you decide that is.

Please note that the color might vary a little due to fabric availability and dye batch.

One size fits most up to 24" skull. Please consider a custom order for those with a larger cranium to accommodate all of those brains.

*To measure the size of your head, place a flexible measuring tape around your head just above your ears. If you don't have a sewing measuring tape, use a string and then measure the length afterward. You want your hat to be a little larger than the circumference of your head so that it will not be too tight.

I recommend spot cleaning if need be. Dry Clean in extreme circumstances.

The hat is shipped via USPS and is insured.
Items are shipped within 1-2 weeks. If you need it sooner, please contact me for expedited shipping.
If the hat is marked "Made to Order" please allow 2 to 3 weeks for it the hat be made, depending on the time of year.
Please email me about international shipping.